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Department of Biology Teaching and Learning Seminar Series

Tuesday 4 December 2018, 12.00 Noon

Dr. Jonathan Tummons, School of Education, Durham University

Exploring technologically rich teaching spaces in universities: medical education in Canada

In this seminar I will discuss the findings from a three-year ethnography of distributed medical education at one Canadian University, delivered across two Canadian provinces. It explores the ways in which students and staff work inside the technologically rich teaching environments within which the curriculum is delivered. Drawing on data constructed through observations, interviews, document analysis, and photographs, I will seek to explore how the key concept of comparability of provision is accomplished and to contrast dominant, institutional discourses of technology use in higher education teaching with the everyday practices of staff and students. I will argue that the education received at both campuses is comparable. However, simply to attribute this comparability to the technology itself is to ignore the central role that is played by the staff – academic, administrative and audio-visual. I will conclude by arguing that people will always respond to technologies in unanticipated ways, and that staff and students at the different sites need to be researched in terms of the extent to which technology ameliorates learning and teaching; and understanding the everyday work practices of staff.

Location: M052

Host: Setareh Chong

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